Now we all think the Germans are perverts and appreciate their participation in big fetishes. Again, I can say with certainty that it is very unlikely that a German is lazy, late or addicted to drugs, which leaves him only a few ways to let off steam. You can imagine what goes through my head when I come across a German porn site. You’re right, lots of fetishes and the small-ass, slutty German girls who get involved. Contrary to expectations, this does not represent, but in return has done its best to tame this madness in different categories.

I could not overlook the disclaimer at the end of the Homepage. It states that only XXX does not tolerate illegal pornography. I was just excited to think that Nurxxx presents original galleries and Videos. You can imagine how frustrated I was when I found out that all content refers to third-party providers and they have no control. You didn’t see that coming, did you?

Let’s talk about the design of the website. Nurxxx is simple and to the point. Directly from the Homepage you will hardly miss the large Thumbnails of the categories. I found the Thumbnails on the Homepage relevant and well selected; I think they make the categories sound more appealing than they actually are. I’ll tell you what, with such a Layout it’s a breeze to find your way around the site.

Even better, the site has an incredible search function. This will help you find your favorite video title, which will even give you a stand before you watch the Video. But hey, before you start to be inspired, Can you even speak German? I would help you with a few sentences, but I don’t know any. You will find that this does not help you much if you do not understand the language.

Do you still have difficulty learning the German language? Well, Google will do you a great favor by translating the website for you. This is because the beautiful people in just never thought that it is important to use multiple languages.

Did you ask for the Videos? I don’t have to understand German to know that the plot is fantastic. First of all, I love the video player, good size, good options for high-quality Streaming. And now the video quality; I could see a few HD movies here and there, but they can be counted. In General, the video quality rhymes with your Internet speed. You must have noticed that I mentioned movies, i.e. damn long porn videos. Videos will take up to two hours, but that means you don’t have to worry about a Quickie. Some Videos are about 2 minutes short; I guess you need a few of them to get you down smoothly, otherwise, how pathetic are you?

Easy Navigation, easy tracking. I’ll tell you what improves it; directly from the homepage from Categories, Categories. Trust me, the Germans can be really incredible. I found these categories amusing; fists, Catsuits, riding, ugly, open pussy, mature women, German mom and Buddy, all these categories generously give you nothing but the best porn experience. It would not go unnoticed that best “Amateur” is missing. How disappointing, but I have to keep moving for you Freaks. Each category contains at least a thousand nasty porn videos. At the bottom of the Homepage almost a thousand categories are displayed.

Probably the best news; you don’t have to deal with trying to jerk off to the same scene and Video over and over again. I am impressed by the frequency of Updates. In this regard, Nurxxx is great.

I’m sure that safety is a priority for all my readers at Tadamsa, unless you’re a careless Freak. is safe for browsing; the site was not involved in any suspicious activity. However, Nurxxx does not use HTTP Secure. Simply put, all communication with the location is no longer secured. It is advisable to encrypt all your communications, use a VPN software brother.

As a free and non-registration porn website, we would expect you to have a strategy to pay your bills. Sure they do, some ads are placed at strategic positions on the website. However, no pressure, Nurxxx has ensured that you do not interrupt the ads in any way your kinky business.

Germany is impressive in the porn industry. That’s why I would expect a site that’s that old to have a pornstar Index. It is a shame that this idea has not yet been implemented.

I say, good work Nurxxx. Despite the few shortcomings is just a good place to try the German juice.

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