22-year-old boyfriend of Neymar’s mother turned out to be gay

22-year-old boyfriend of Neymar’s mother turned out to be gay – media

The new boyfriend of the mother of the football player Neymar, who is thirty years younger than her, turned out to be gay.

Western media found that before starting a relationship with 52-year-old Nadine Santos, 22-year-old cybersports athlete Tiago Ramos met with Neymar’s personal chef. Before that, he had a romantic relationship with the 29-year-old Brazilian actor Carlinios Maya and PR manager Irinaldo Oliver. The latter admitted that he met with Ramos until mid-2018, reports The Sun. Oliver is shocked by the fact that Ramos began dating a woman. According to him, the young man never had an affair with representatives of the opposite sex.

Among the love victories, Thiago is the millionaire Eduardo Pereira. According to the source, Ramos lived in his boyfriend’s mansion as a “prince.” The couple was even going to legalize their relationship.

As for Neymar, he was already familiar with his mother’s boyfriend. In February, Ramos was seen at a party dedicated to the celebration of the 28th anniversary of the Brazilian footballer.

Previously, the 61-year-old Madonna was spotted with a 26-year-old boyfriend.

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